About Dr. Ambrose K Su, DPM


Dr. Su has practiced Podiatry for 34 years. He received his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of California, Riverside, and a podiatric medical degree from the California College of Podiatric Medicine in San Francisco. Dr. Su completed his training with a residency in foot surgery in Portland, OR.


Come see Dr. Su for a comprehensive treatment plan for your foot and ankle problems. By having the full gamut of treatment options available, he can address your wants and needs. He can offer the simplest conservative care, or the latest surgical options. Prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma, stem cell, hot and cold laser, total joint implants, or flat foot correction, these are just some of the treatments you can choose from. He was the first provider in Oregon for laser treatment of nail fungus. He can permanently fix your ingrown toenails.



Dr. Su has many years of sports medicine experience as well. Let him share his many years of bicycle road, mountain, and cyclocross racing with you. If you are having issues, most likely he has dealt with them himself. From bike fits, to custom foot orthotics, and cleat adjustment, he can help you. He is a former USA Cycling certified coach and Cat. 2 road racer. Runners can also benefit from his knowledge with shoes, orthotics, and biomechanics. If you are experiencing pain with the new minimalist shoes, let him guide you to pain free running. Nordic and alpine ski racers benefit from his years of professional and personal knowledge. He volunteers coaching the current and past Oregon High School Nordic State Championship teams for boys and girls. Skating or classic, let him help resolve your foot issues. Running gates, tele, or AT, he understands the needs for each. Climbers, don’t feel left out, Dr. Su has years of rock, ice, and mountaineering experience. He has felt your pain, and knows how to minimize it.